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    Posting Literature/Community Flyers on 蜜桃直播 Website
    (School Groups/Nonschool Groups)
    Effective December 13, 2016
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    蜜桃直播 has implemented a new format for distribution of literature/flyers to parents using the Peachjar digital literature/flyer management system. We are moving to the Peachjar system as a means of getting District-approved literature/flyers delivered directly to parent email addresses and posted to campus websites. Posted flyers will also be viewable through the District’s mobile app, allowing easy access to important information about approved community and District programs, events, and educational opportunities.


    1. Campuses will no longer distribute flyers directly to students.

    2. 蜜桃直播 will post information on the District’s website for all school groups/affiliate organizations such as drill teams, booster clubs or the PTA.

    3. Requests for electronic posting of flyers should be submitted through the school of origin’s main office.

    4. To post online,
      a.    Register online at to create a Peachjar account.
      b.    Upload flyer to the Peachjar site.

    5. There is no cost to school groups/affiliate organizations for postings.

    6. Each flyer should have a posting duration period with no posting lasting longer than three months.

      Flyers for groups/organizations within the campus or cluster: The campus principal will have authority to approve campus/cluster distribution for school groups.

    NONSCHOOL GROUPS - Community Groups and Outside Organizations

    1. 蜜桃直播 no longer distributes flyers from outside vendors directly to students.

    2. The executive director of Student Services has been designated as the administrator responsible for the review/oversight of the distribution of flyers for nonschool groups.

    3. To submit a request for the electronic posting of a flyer, you must:

      • Register online at to create a Peachjar account.

      • Upload flyer for approval.
         蜜桃直播 will review the content and approve or deny the request based on District Policy.

    4. If there is a cost for the service/activity being posted, such as swim lessons or baseball registration, Peachjar will charge the business posting the flyer $25.00 for each campus website the flyer is posted on (蜜桃直播 does not receive any proceeds from this fee).

    5. Each posting should have a posting duration period with no posting lasting longer than three months.
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    For questions regarding 蜜桃直播 flier approval criteria, contact Joseph Showell at joseph.showell@birdvilleschools.net or 817-547-5790. If you have questions about credit refunds, please contact Peachjar at (858) 997-2117 x130.