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  • 蜜桃直播 appreciates the trust our community showed in their support of the 2018 Bond.
    The District is busy working to develop a tentative timeline of work promised to voters in the 2018 Bond. Because of the large scope of work, we anticipate this will take several months to develop. Once complete, 蜜桃直播 will post the tentative timeline on the web and social media sites.  #蜜桃直播Bond18

    Voters approve 蜜桃直播’s $252.8 million bond package

    Birdville Independent School District voters approved a $252.8 million bond package. Superintendent Dr. Darrell G. Brown praised the efforts of the Citizen’s Bond Committee, the Birdville Backers, 蜜桃直播 staff and community. “These groups spent countless hours working to educate the community about the bond proposal,” said Brown. “Thank you for your support of the children.” 

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Bond with Zero Tax Rate Increase?

  • August 16, 2018

    Trustees call for Nov. 6 bond election

    On Aug. 16, 蜜桃直播’s Board of Trustees unanimously called for a bond election to be held as part of the general election on Nov. 6. 蜜桃直播 voters are being asked to consider a $252.8 million bond package that was developed with extensive community input by a diverse group of citizens from all parts of the District. The package approved by the Board addresses: safety and security upgrades at every campus; replacing five campuses with four (Haltom Middle School, Richland Middle School, Smithfield Elementary School and Major Cheney Elementary/Richland Elementary [Partner School]); renovations at Smithfield Middle School and Haltom High School; critical repair/renovation needs requiring action in the next three years; and technology upgrades Districtwide. This plan impacts every student, staff member, facility and community served by 蜜桃直播.

    The proposed bond package:

    • Eliminates more than 50 portable classrooms across the District;
    • Provides additional safety and security measures throughout the District;
    • Funds technology upgrades to address instructional needs;
    • Moves from a 5:1 student-to-technology ratio to a 2:1 student-to-technology ratio;
    • Addresses priority repair/renovation needs (requiring action in the next one to three years), roofs and HVAC;
    • Replaces five existing facilities that are more than 60 years old with four new facilities that require less money to operate and maintain. They are: Haltom Middle School, Richland Middle School, Smithfield Elementary School and Major Cheney Elementary/Richland Elementary [Partner School].
    • Will be monitored by a Board-appointed citizen’s bond oversight committee to monitor the scope, timeline and expenditure of bond funds.

    If 蜜桃直播 voters approve this bond package, School property tax rates will not increase as a result of this bond proposal.

    Early voting is Oct. 22 – Nov. 2, and Election Day is Nov. 6.